Best Staycation Ideas When You Can't Travel

If for some reason you have to stay at home and can’t leave, you can still stay busy and be creative. Here’s a list of some potential options to keep you occupied; you can do just one, or all!

Entertain Yourself

– Game nights (make it a competition and have a winning trophy!)  – Pitch a tent in the back yard and go camping  – Movie nights, or movie marathon

Push your comfort zone & learn something new

– Take online classes  – Experiment in the kitchen with new recipe

Be productive (not as fun, but still a good use of your time)

– Organize different areas of your home  – Catch up on life stuff- pay bills, home maintenance etc.

Improve yourself

– Learn to meditate  – Get into a workout routine  – Try to get rid of a bad habit (for instance, stop biting your nails!)  – Catch up on sleep (probably the best thing ever)

Visit your local parks

Get outside and check out your states parks, go camping or glamping, have picnics or family game days. You can also find hiking trails and excursions at some of these!

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