Battling Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is this idea that we do not belong in our jobs, or that our successes are not a result of our abilities, but rather just luck. 

It’s a level of self doubt that has us believing that we are not good enough, that others will think that we are frauds.

How can we beat the self doubt?

Daily Affirmations

It can be a mantra you say to yourself, a word to live by for the day, or a promise to yourself.

Terrain Map

Learn from each day and each experience

Breaking bad habits takes time and so does developing good ones. So give yourself time. Take each day as it comes.

Cultivate work relationships

White Bag

Be the bigger person; get to know your female colleagues on a more personal level. It can completely change the dynamic!

Support your fellow colleagues

Putting others down does not make us look good, just as giving others compliments does not make us seem less able.

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