Avoid Impulsive & Compulsive Spending With These 7 Tips

Do you often spend more than you’d like? Here’s everything you need to know about impulsive vs. compulsive spending.

What Is Impulsive Spending?

According to Forbes, impulsive spending means when you buy something you weren’t planning on getting.

What Is Compulsive Spending?

Compulsive spending is more of an uncontrollable urge to buy things you don’t need and spend money on them without considering the budget.

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How to Tackle These Spending Issues:

1. Accept You Have A Problem Keep track of your spending habits. Do you make rational buying decisions? Do you know what you want vs. what you need?

2. Take Back Control Of Your Finances

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Are you shopping because of your emotions? Do you get excited when you see a deal? Or do you have the urge to go with the latest trends to belong?

3. Set Yourself Up  For Success

It’s easier to avoid getting in the temptation to buy than resisting the temptation.

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