A Guide to Driving the German Autobahn

It's the German highway, which is famous because there are areas with no speed limit.  German road rules are similar to what we see here in the US, which makes driving there easy.

What is the German Autobahn?

As an FYI: They drive on the same side of the street as we do! 

What to Expect on the German Autobahn

You don't need an international license All lane markings are white (yellow in construction zones) If you're going to drive slow, stay in the right lane!

No Speed Limits

Areas without a speed limit are specifically marked.  Outside of those areas, obey the rules!

Be prepared to pay for gas (though many cars use diesel)

Things to see while you drive!

Partnach Gorge

Eibsee Lake

Neuschwanstein Castle (Disney Castle)