A Capsule Wardrobe:  What It Is & How To Start One

Regardless of your lifestyle and work requirements, a capsule wardrobe (and the varying types of capsule wardrobes) can benefit anyone. 

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

She describes a capsule wardrobe like a mini wardrobe of versatile pieces that you love to wear.

How Does It Work?

Caroline recommends 37 items as the golden number of clothing to own and with variations by season.

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The Benefits Of A Capsule Collection

– Cost saving – Time saving – Decision making energy     saving – The ability to recognize what     you enjoy wearing

How To Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

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Finding motivation might be hard at first, but all you are required to do is start. Start going through each item in your closet, one-by-one.

What A Capsule Wardrobe Looks Like

As long as you have downsized your closet to a manageable number of clothes that you love and you plan on wearing in a rotation, you are good to go.

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