9 Responsible Travel Practices for the Eco Traveler

Some areas of the world have tourist limits so they can preserve those locations.  If we think we have a responsibility to see the world, then we also have a responsibility to help preserve it. Here's how.

Flying is carbon release heavy. Here's how to offset:  - pack lightly - fly direct flights - Use other forms of transport outside of flying

1 - Reduce Carbon Footprint

As popular places become overrun, they. become more expensive for locals. Try to travel in off-season, and shop local while you're there!

2 - Combat Over tourism

Educate yourself about the intricacies of a culture. It is a form of respect for that particular country, and helps avoid taboos.

3 - Respect Local Culture

A local guesthouse or smaller hotels is more sustainable than a massive chain hotel.  Also consider eco-lodges that are more environmentally friendly.

4 - Book Sustainable Accomodation

5 - Volunteer Your Time

This is especially possible if you are doing long term travel. Give back to the community you're visiting!

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