9 Tips For A Successful Career Change

People change careers for many reasons, but making a career change is not easy. It takes effort, self-awareness, patience, and sometimes a little guidance to know the options and best moves.

First consider what drives you: - New company culture - Higher pay - Location  - Benefits Why are you considering a change? This can affect the steps you take!

You never know where you'll find opportunities or something you love. Stay open, and consider everything.

1 - Keep an Open Mind

Let those close to you know what you're thinking. Brainstorm different options and get their input on how to make a change. Great advice can come from anywhere and open doors!

3 - Discuss With Those You Trust

Update your jobs, skills, abilities, talents, technical know-how.  Be sure to consider where you're sending this, and tailor accordingly!

5 - Update Your Resume

7 - Review Your Qualifications

What do you need to have to get the job you want? Can you find ways to learn the skills you need?

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