9 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Live a Long Life

Health and longevity require some dedication and intention. It also requires discipline. You have to get rid of bad habits! Here are some to think about.

1 - Stop Eating Processed Foods

This is the worst thing for you, causing inflammation and damaging your organs. You don't even know it until decades later when you're sick!

2 - Manage Alcohol Consumption

Even small amounts can be damaging to your health.  Consider quitting or reducing intake as much as possible!

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3 - Stop Overeating and eating late at night

Your body needs only what it needs, and it needs time to digest before you sleep.  Plan earlier evening meals and watch things improve!

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Gratitude leads to higher happiness levels. Happy people are healthier people.  So give thanks for what you already have.

4 - Stop Taking Things for Granted

5 - Stop Losing Sleep

Sleep time is when your body heals and repairs damage from the day.  Not enough sleep = build up of poor health.  So get to bed!

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