85+ Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

The holidays are coming, but these gift ideas for women can apply to any time of year and any occasion. Get your loved one something amazing on this list!

There are multiple categories of ideas to choose from. Most importantly, go for what fits the personality of the recipient.  Think about their likes/dislikes, hobbies, wants, bucket lists. 

1. Spa gift card 2. Spa/pedicure gift set 3. Luxury robe 4. Face creams, scented lotion 5. Essential oil diffuser 6. Subscription to the DryBar

Self-Care Gift Ideas for Women

1. Travel Wallets 2. Luggage set & tags 4. Practical & fashionable travel backpack 5. Packing cubes 6. Travel make-up kit 7. DSLR camera

Travel Gift Ideas for Women

1. Books desired by the gift receiver 2. A Kindle or e-reader 3. Masterclass gift card 4. Access to online courses 5. Music Lesson 6. A musical instrument of their choosing

Education Gift Ideas for Women

Experience Gift Ideas

1. Tickets to a ballgame 2. Tickets to the ballet 3. Concert ticket 4. Book a tour or experience in their hometown 5. Horse-back riding lesson 6. Pottery classe 7. Wine and paint night experience

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