8 Things To Know Before Buying Your First Investment Property

Buying your first investment property can seem daunting. However, getting started in real estate investing can be a great way to move forward in your path to financial freedom.

Single-Family Vs. Multi-Family

If you want to focus on multi-family apartments, it is possible to start with them directly.

How To Pick A Property

Real estate investing is not a one size fits all process. Figure out your preferred investing model, define what property fits this model, and find a property that fits these criteria.

Terrain Map


Hard money lenders are typically more aggressive with their lending criteria and look at the asset backing the loan for security and less to the borrower’s ability to service the interest.

Building Your Team

White Bag

. Relationships with the people you will work with for investing in real estate should be built organically.


When finding a primary residence, your search may begin and end with a real estate agent. However, when looking for an investment property, more options are to consider.

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