8 Packing Hacks to Help You Travel Light

Packing lightly (and smartly) when you travel is essential to reducing stress and saving money on your trip. Read on to see how!

1 – Get a lightweight carryon and solid backpack. It's all you need!

Packing Hacks To Travel Lightly

2 – Clothing

Focus on lightweight pieces that you can layer. Take it a step further and create a capsule wardrobe for the trip.  Read more to see how!

Terrain Map

3 – Packing Cubes

Consider these to help stay organized and fit more stuff. Click to see the ones I recommend (and use!)

4 – Travel sizes

White Bag

Get travel sizes of your fave products.  Use small containers, like a contact lens case, for creams.

5 – For Your Jewelry

Use a small non-collapsible box to carry and protect everything.  Consider pill boxes Work your jewelry through your clothes! See how to make it work!

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