8 Important Tips to Plan a Trip Successfully


1 - The destination 2 - The number of people traveling with you (or solo?) 3 - Budgets 4 - Lodging 5 -  Activities 6 - Rental Cars?




Some Things to Consider When You Start

Create An Itinerary

Make a spreadsheet in Excel, its the best way to keep everything in on place.  Click to see how to do this!

Picking a Central Location For Lodging

It's the best way to go, saves you money on transportation and allows you to walk everywhere!

Plan Ahead:

1- How to get from the airport to your hotel 2- How you'll get back 3 - Where you'll get foreign currency and much more! Click to learn what else you need to do.

Enroll in TSA Precheck & Global Entry

One makes it easier to get out of the country, the other makes it easier to get in!

Remember Your Documents

1 - Your passport 2- Visa? If you need it 3 - Important numbers

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