7 Ways to Save Money During Inflation

Affects of Inflation

Inflated prices can make it harder to budget, save, and invest. Here are some ways to save money even when inflation is wreaking havoc!

1 - Check your subscriptions

Cancel what isn't needed, call your providers to see if they are offering any new deals, or look into bundling services to help you save!

2 - Make lists & be specific

You can avoid overspending by making lists of specific items before you go shopping. Then stick to the list, and look for deals on those things.

3 - Meal Plan & Prep

Food can get very expensive. Considering buying in bulk and planning ahead so that you reduce your per meal costs and save!

4 - Consider coupons and sales

Certain items go on sale seasonally; others you can generally find coupons and discounts. Use these to your advantage!

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