7 Ways To Protect Yourself When Traveling After COVID

Knowing how to proceed with travel and how to protect yourself in the process is what this story is all about. Let’s break it down. 

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

– We need to socially distance (stay 6ft away from each other) – Frequently wash our hands – Disinfect surface – Wear masks (or face coverings)

1 – Try to stick to outdoor activities

It’s much easier to keep your distance if you’re outside. There are plenty of options and activities to choose from once you’ve arrived.

Terrain Map

2 – Avoid densely crowded areas/destinations

The more densely populated your destination, or more tourist-heavy your vacation spot, the harder it will be to maintain social distancing.

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3 – Minimize public transportation if possible

Public transportation like subways and buses are best avoided. As you can imagine, being on one brings you near and dear to your fellow neighbor.

4- Frequently Wash Your Hands & Surfaces

It goes without saying that you should be conscious of your hands and what you touch, and be sure to employ good handwashing techniques.

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