7 Ways to Avoid Spending Impulsively and Compulsively

An unplanned expense can be classified as impulsive spending, while compulsive spending often has a deeper psychological cause. 

What Is Impulsive Spending?

If you spend hours browsing shopping sites or buy stuff that you know you want and do not need, chances are, you’re an impulsive spender.

1. Realizing You Have a Problem

To manage this, you need to keep track of your spending habits.

Impulsive vs. Compulsive Spending: How to Tackle Them?

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2. Take Back Control of Your Finances

Ask yourself what the valid reason for your behavior is and take back control.

3. Set Yourself up for Success

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What helped me resisting the temptation is:

– Unfollowing people on social media who make me feel bad about myself. – Unsubscribing to newsletters of my favorite stores.

4. Avoid Credit Cards When Possible

When you pay with your debit card, you are limited by the money in your bank account, and it gets harder to overspend.

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