7 Tips for Spending Money Wisely This Season

How we are spending money, and on what, should be only determined by what we value and our financial goals for ourselves…not what anyone else tells us to value or do.

1- Is What I’m Spending Money On Actually Going To Make Me Happy?

Instead of looking around and seeing what other people are doing, I think we need to take a step back and figure out what makes us, as individuals, happy.

2 –Don’t Compare What You Have To What Anyone Else Has

Not comparing is really hard. But if you can get to that point, a point to where you don’t give a rats ass what anyone else is doing, your happiness meter skyrockets.

Terrain Map

3 – Experiences Matter Over Material Things.

Traveling is probably the ultimate experience, but not the only one we should be considering. Life has a lot to offer: concerts, classes, activities, and tours to name a few.

4 – When It Comes To Material Items, Choose Quality Over Quantity

White Bag

Owning less stuff is better than more. Your home will be less crowded, and you’re less likely to have things in your home that you don’t use

5- Shop With Intention And Stick To A Budget

Let’s stop spending unnecessarily on things that don’t help us or retain value.

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