7 Times Women Seriously Walked Out of a Career on the Spot

Ever hate your job enough to just get up and walk out?  These women did it. Here are their stories.

1. Shifting Loyalties

When an international firm took over, this woman received a promotion & things took a turn. The company’s original owner resented her, believing her new position divided her loyalties. The real problem was he hired his mistress to handle payroll without reporting it to her department.

2. Prejudice Tyrant

The final straw was when he accused the project manager of going on a date during work hours. It was, in fact, a business meeting with a potential client at an LGBTQ+ networking function.

Terrain Map

3. More Work, Same Pay

She managed client relationships whose business was in the hundreds of millions. Her job teased her with a promotion, and she worked hard to secure it.  They doubled her work as a result, no increase in pay and she quit. Guess what happened to those clients?

White Bag

An office employee resigned from a hideous job and sent notice two months in advance, a requirement for her position, via registered post. The boss dipped into nepotism and hired his 20-year-old inexperienced daughter...

4. Nepotism Resignation

5. The Last Straw

One day, the boss came over to verbally abuse her, so she said, “I don’t need this crap anymore,” and quit. She found a new job within a week but switched careers within a year because of the toxicity rampant in her former industry.

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