7 Steps to Work For Yourself

Being self-employed can be scary, and getting started can be tough.  But, working for yourself can be simple, so long as you know the steps to take to achieve the success you’re looking for.

1 - Educate Yourself

Workplace trends Type of demands of the job  Level of education Cost to get started Click for more details about each!

2 - Network & Build a Client List

Put the word out about your business! Network with those you know, ask for introductions, and keep in contact with potential clients.

3 - Develop an Online Presence

Everyone does their research online these days. Create a website, LinkedIn page, and social media pages. Establish yourself online so people can find out about you!

4 - Keep Your Resume Up to Date

As you take on work and gain experience, keep track of it on your resume. It's another way to show people your credentials, what you've done and are capable of.

5 - Create Branding Materials

hat items will help you sell your business or your brand? Create those and use them to leverage yourself with clients.

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