7 Simple Ways to Ensure You're Spending Your Money Wisely

We need to break out of this cycle of spending money we don’t need to be spending and looking for happiness in material goods. Here are the steps to ensure you're spending your money wisely. 

1- Is what I’m spending money on actually going to make me happy?

My spending habits lean towards buying a good book, and a ticket to somewhere. For me, that’s the epitome of happiness.

2 –Don’t compare what you have to what anyone else has

When it comes to life, you should be living it your way, on your own terms.

Terrain Map

3 – Experiences matter over material things

There are plenty of studies out there that dictate you should be spending money on experiences versus physical items.

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4 – When it comes to material items, choose quality over quantity

Generally, I feel that less is more. Owning less stuff is better than more. Your home will be less crowded.

5- Shop with intention and stick to a budget

My goal is to make sure that when I’m spending money, it’s in the best possible way, the best deal and the best quality.

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