60 Spanish Travel Phrases That Are Useful To Learn

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with approximately 500 million native speakers globally. It is the official language of 20 countries, the largest of which are Mexico, Colombia, and Spain.

Greetings in Spanish

Hola - Hello Buenos Dias - good morning My llamo - my name is...


Gracias - thank you De nada - you're welcome Perdon - excuse me

Asking for Help

Me ayuda - can you help me? No comprendo - I don't understand Donde esta - where is...? Como se dice - how do you say

While Eating Out At Restaurants

Entrada - entree Pollo - chicken L carta - the menu Postre - dessert

At a Party

Bailar - to dance,  Bailando - dancing Buena suerte - good luck

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