6 Tip to Make the Best First Impressions 

I think a big part of how well you do professionally is the first impressions you make… You have six seconds to make the best one. Here's how.

1 – Never Initiate Contact Through Text

Often when we text, we include textually accepted acronyms without thinking about it. Can you imagine if you accidentally said LOL to a potential employer?

2 – Dress Appropriately

No matter how casual the workplace may be, you should dress to impress and look the part you want.

Terrain Map

3 – Come Prepared

As a professional, you should always have a little blurb or elevator pitch as it’s called, about yourself ready in your head.

4 – Don’t Be Fake

White Bag

Speak your mind, but don’t give opinions that aren’t yours, and definitely don’t lie about your experience or abilities.

5 – Consider Body Language

- Make eye contact. - Use firm handshakes. - Figure out what your nervous    habits are, and try to reduce    their   presence. - Smile.

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