6 Tips on How to Journal

When it comes to self-care, self-reflection and processing the things going on in your head and in your life, a journal is a great outlet. 

What Should I Write in My Journal?

Brain Dump

Use it to create your to-do list, jot down important tasks, and remember important dates.


Journaling for self-care can help you feel better about yourself and your situation. It can make you happier and lift your spirits to put you in a better mood.

Terrain Map

Free Writing

It’s the process of putting pen to paper and writing whatever pops into your head, whether it be a story idea, a to-do list, how you feel, or anything else.

White Bag

Prompts are short questions designed to give you a little push in a particular direction to help you start writing.

Journal Prompts


Writing out your thoughts, feelings, and emotions when they are fresh can give you deep insight into your psyche and help you discover who you are.

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