6 Critical Financial Planning Steps For Single Ladies in 2023

Financial planning for single women is important as you have only yourself to rely on. These steps are important to build a secure future and financial freedom.

1 - Savings

This includes paying yourself first through: Retirement account Emergency fund Health Savings Account Click to read more details!

2 - Investing

You don't need to be a market guru to do this right.  Find mutual funds and ETFs to invest in a large number of companies and reduce your risk.    Set it and forget it!

3 - Pay Off Debt

Getting rid of debt is the single most useful thing you can do to build wealth and financial security.

4 - Disability Insurance

When you're a single woman there's only you. Disability insurance protects you in the worst case scenario.

5- Become a Budget Queen

Spend less than you earn and plan for large purchases. Having and sticking to a budget can help you go far!

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