50+ Unique Winter Vacation Ideas

Winter is coming. While many people take vacation time to see family or go somewhere warm, these winter vacation ideas can help you think outside the box.

Hit up the southern hemisphere where our winter is their summer. Try: -Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Argentina, and more!

Warm Weather Destinations

There many areas where traveling in winter is the best. Such as: Finland, Norway, Sweden for Northern Lights!,

Cold Weather Destinations

Consider:  Cappadocia, Turkey Carnivale in Rio or Trinidate & Tobago Hike Macchu Picchu

Unique Cultural Experiences

– Skiing in the Alps – Visit Banff – Jackson Hole – Vermont (consider Trapp Family Lodge) – Quebec City, Canada – Park City, Utah

Ski Trips

Planning Winter Trips

Some tips: Plan ahead and ask off from work early Invite family so that you can travel during holidays Click to see more ideas!

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