5 Types of People to Be Friends With

If you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, then it makes sense to make sure you surround yourself with these types of people.

This person can help you see things from a positive point of view, help you overcome negativity and move forward.

1 - The Optimist

2 - The Goal Oriented Planner

Friends with superb planning skills can help you to figure out where your next move should be and help you with making decisions.

Terrain Map

3 - The Trailblazer

This type of person  can help you take a step back & see things objectively. They can give you a whole new perspective to problem-solving & overcoming challenges.

4 - Has Overcome Adversity

White Bag

Overcoming adversity builds empathy. This person can show you what life is like for the other person and help you emotionally connect with others.

5 - Travel Junkie

This friend will help you out of your comfort zone and will teach you things about society and world culture that you probably never knew.

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