5 Thoughts on Living Through a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

One of the scariest things about the medical field is that we have someone’s life in our hands. All doctors take an oath to “do no harm”, however, sometimes patients do get hurt. 

Nothing is harder for physicians than an unforeseen, sad patient outcome and a medical malpractice lawsuit. I’ve learned the hard way that this experience is big and packed with emotion.

1 – On Being a Doctor And a Human

You may experience a periodic flight-or-flight response, lose sleep, or question your own competence. And these thoughts and emotions may linger for a long time.

Terrain Map

2 – You Are Not Alone

Now that I’ve reached out to talk with people about these things, I’ve been touched by the number of people, some of them my mentors.

White Bag

It sounds so basic, but I think it bears mentioning that the rules of the legal world are very different from the rules we operate by in medicine.

3 – The Rules are Different There

4 – It’s a Marathon

This is not your average marathon, though. You didn’t volunteer to run it, and nobody can tell you at the outset exactly how many miles you’ll have to go.

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