5 Smart Ways to Use a Tax Refund

It's tax season and hopefully you've filed on time, and hopefully you have a refund or will get one. Here's how to smartly spend that extra cash!

Your Emergency Fund

If you have one, contribute to it; if you don't have one, start! You need at least 6 months of rainy day funds to stay out of debt!

Invest in an IRA

Pad your retirement account; Your future self with thank you. Click to read more about the details here!

Terrain Map

Invest in a Business

Depending on the refund, this could be your seed money to start that business idea you've always wanted!

White Bag

Take advantage of long term investment returns. Every dollar saved and invested makes a difference in the future.

Invest in the Market

Education Fund

If you have kids, this is for their college; if you want to go back to school, this is for you!

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