5 Reasons Why Your Doctor Has a Side Hustle

Some physicians leverage their expertise by doing non-clinical work as expert witnesses or case reviews. 

#1: Doctors are Deep in Debt

The average indebted medical student, which is about 71% of them according to the latest AAMC survey, has around $200,000 in student loan debt.

#2 Personal Fulfillment

The doctor job pays the bills and then some, and can also provide the seed money for any number of unrelated pursuits.

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#3 A Goal-Driven Nature

After a lifetime of people-pleasing and achievement, your doctor wants to accomplish something more. That’s where a side hustle can be invaluable.

#4 Another Retirement Account

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A lucrative side hustle could allow a doctor to put as much as $57,000 into an individual 401(k) or SEP IRA in 2020.

#5 A Transition to an Encore Career

Later in their careers, some doctors may decide to scratch the itch to try their hand at another profession entirely. If it works out, great!

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