5 Reasons Doctors have Side Hustles

 Why, when their main jobs pay so well and take up so much of their time, are medical doctors turning to side hustles as a supplement to their day (and night) jobs as physicians?

Your doctor may be working a side job simply to avoid treating their school debt like a mortgage and help themselves pay off their student loans.

#1: Doctors Are Deep In Debt

#2 Personal Fulfillment

Perhaps what they really wanted to do in life didn’t translate well to an actual career. That’s where the side hustle can come into play.

Terrain Map

#3 A Goal-Driven Nature

Starting something completely novel — often from scratch — can give your physician a whole new set of goals to set and pinnacles to reach.

#4 Another Retirement Account

White Bag

Doctors that pursue a side hustle primarily to open a new retirement account and perhaps to pave the way for backdoor Roth contributions may do something small and simple for their business.

#5 A Transition To An Encore Career

Later in their careers, some doctors may decide to scratch the itch to try their hand at another profession entirely. If it works out, great!

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