5 Life Lessons From Super Mario Bros. 3 

If you've ever played video games, you've probably run into the classic Super Mario Brothers. The last time I played this, I learned some valuable lessons! 

1 – There Are A Lot Of Obstacles In Life.

We need to watch for what’s coming and work our way around it and through it.

2 – Sometimes You Only Get A Few Chances To Accomplish Your Goals.

Your chances to take that step, make that move, gain that experience, might be limited.

Terrain Map

3 – Failure Doesn’t Always Take You Back To Square One

Each attempt at a goal  or completing a task teaches you something you didn’t know

White Bag

Give yourself every chance  to figure out new things  for yourself and learn  about yourself.

4 – There Are Hidden Gems Everywhere

5 – Sometimes Patience And Strategy Pay Off In A Big Way

No one won any of these games by going fast and not thinking or not strategizing.

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