Breaking Barriers: 46 Top Women CEOs in America 

These badass women have blazed a trail for others after them. They are the top women CEOs in the country and they have done very well for themselves.

Good Progress but More to Come

In 2022, women hold the top title at a record 46 companies among the Fortune 500, which ranks the U.S. companies with the highest revenues. Still, women head fewer than 10% of the nation’s leading companies.

The Head of Fortune 500 Companies

Although Fortune’s entire 2022 report looks at 1,000 companies, which features 83 women CEOs, this list only highlights the 46 who appeared on the Fortune 500.

Barbara Smith

Industry: Commercial Metals Barbara Smith, chair, president, and CEO, joined Commercial Metals Co., a manufacturer and recycler of steel and metal, as a senior vice president and chief financial officer in 2011. 

Linda Rendle

Industry: Cleaning (Clorox) Rendle, has a BA  in economics from Harvard, describes herself as an introvert who did not envision herself as a CEO early in her career but rose to meet the demands of the position during the coronavirus pandemic when the company’s disinfectant products were in high demand.

Sheryl Palmer

Palmer, who survived a brain tumor, has more than 30 years of experience. The company has become the country’s fifth-largest home builder through mergers and acquisitions.

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