4 Simple Recipes for Busy Professionals in 2023

Getting comfortable in the kitchen can take time, and more importantly requires practice. Start out with these easy recipes if you're a first time cook!

1 - Meat Pasta Skillet

Pasta is an easy one to get started cooking. Add in some ground meat, seasoning, and veggies and you've got a great meal! Check out the link for the recipe!

2 - Homemade Mac & Cheese

Get the hang of the ultimate comfort food and give it your own unique twist!  Check out the post for full recipe!

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3 - Mushroom Chicken

Chicken is an easy meat to cook and get practice and comfortable with. This recipe is also a delicious

Pasta Salad

White Bag

A twist on classic pasta dish, with a light flavor and excellent to use as leftovers. See more for the recipe!

Easy Recipes for First Time Cooks

There are many other recipes out there you can try as well. Start with ones with only a few ingredients so that you get comfortable, then grow from there!

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