4 Reasons I Won’t  Do A Name Change  After Marriage

I thought I’d share my thoughts on why exactly I wouldn’t change– in case you are on the fence.

1 – What If The Guy’s Last Name Is Terrible?

This is my most superficial reason for not changing my name after marriage, but it’s a serious consideration.

2 – I Really Don’t Want To Change All My Documentation

Sounds like a nightmare. Plus, there is no way I’d let anything complicate my ability to travel.

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3 – All Of My Accomplishments Carry My Current Name

I just want to protect everything I’ve done under my name and ensure that it gets the recognition it deserves.

4 – My Kids Will Get My Husbands Name Anyway

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Maybe my kids will find it confusing, but I think it could be a great teaching point.  A point that your mom can be named something else but still be your mom.

At The End Of The Day..

It’s your name and your decision. Don’t let outside influences affect how you feel about what is right for you and your life.

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