38 Lucrative Business Ideas for Women 

Being a business owner is a lot of work, but if you have an idea, a plan, and the ability to work hard, you can turn it into something lucrative. These are the best business ideas for women!

First Things First:

- Protect Yourself & your business legally - Build An Online Presence - Have A Business Plan - Find a Mentor

1 – Startups

Incorporate your business. – If your idea is patentable, then start working on your provisional patent. – Hire a patent attorney to help with filing and advice on the patent.

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2 – Tutoring

In-person or online, you can help kids of all ages with their homework, projects, or exams.

3 – Online Classes or Courses

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If you have expertise in a subject, field, or niche, then creating an online course is a great way to earn income.

4 – Khan Academy

This is a nonprofit online learning database filled with free lectures and information for students of all ages and grades.

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