31 Things to Do With a Windfall

You just came into a cash windfall. You’re happy about this, but you aren’t exactly sure about what to do with it. Should you spend it? Save it? Invest it? 

What to Do With $500

Let’s say the amount of money you received was $500. While it isn’t a ton of money, it still is significant enough that you should figure out what to do with it.

1. Investing in Real Estate

Although there is risk involved in real estate investing and it might tie up your money before you see a return.

Terrain Map

2. Meeting With a Financial Advisor

Hiring a financial advisor to help you learn how to plan for your financial future might be a good use of this money.

3. Buying a New Wardrobe

White Bag

 Wearing the right clothes—high-quality suits, and skirts, — could make you feel more comfortable and give you the confidence to go after your professional goals.

4. Traveling Somewhere Cheap

You may be able to find cheap plane tickets and accommodations when airlines and hotels are running sales.

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