20 Top-Rated Foods for Optimal Gut Health

Gut health can affect your overall health as well. What you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel. Here are the best food for gut health!

Focus on Good Carbs

Focus on whole grains and avoid processed carbohydrates. Processed ones basically just turn to sugar. Whole grains contain more fiber!

Certain yogurts, kefir and the like are excellent ways to nurture good gut flora and can help improve gut health tremendously.

Probiotics are your friend

Omega 3's aren't just for heart health. They are also one of the best for gut health.

Take your vitamins

Green veggies are the best for gut health. They contain nutrients, antioxidants and fiber to help keep things moving.

Leafy Greens


What aren't avocados good for? Seriously, though? An excellent source of healthy fat, clean eating and making your gut feel happy.

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