20 Easy Air Fryer Recipes

Using an air fryer can be life changing. It simplifies cooking for so many different recipes and makes clean up easy! Here's some easy recipes for anyone starting out.

– Any fries – Frozen snacks - mozzarella sticks, spring rolls, etc – Proteins like steak, salmon, and pork chops –  fresh & frozen – Veggie sides like brussel sprouts, carrots, & cauliflower – Reheating food – most dishes will reheat better in an air fryer

Best Foods for an Air Fryer

No pre-cooking is needed; just bake them in your air fryer for 35-40 minutes. Top with sour cream and chives, or add bacon for a fully loaded baked potato.

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

This version is seasoned with garlic for a quick yet flavorful side. Follow the recipe to a T, or use another seasoning of your choice.

Air Fryer Cauliflower

Air fryer fried avocado is a healthier substitute for fries that’s so tasty and perfect for dipping in your favorite sauce. It’s super easy to make in your air fryer and done in about 30 minutes.

Air Fryer Crispy Avocado

Air Fryer Falafel

Start with dried chickpeas that soak overnight, and then the actual cooking is quick. Of course, the air fryer helps make the cooking process as effortless as possible.

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