18 Ways to Get Free Books Online for Those in Need

I love absolutely love reading! I am a real bookworm. And I continually search for the best ways to get free books online. Why? Because books can be pretty expensive!

One Option For Free Books Online

A kindle! or other e-reader. Amazon has tons of options for books for free, or at crazy reduced prices.

1 - Overdrive

Many public library systems use Overdrive for their ebook collections. You can easily download free books from your library system. 

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2 - Project Gutenberg

This is a digital library that uploads free public domain ebooks to make them available to the public.

Amazon Free E Books Online

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Simply search for ebooks and sort from price low to high. Make sure only to pick books that have $0.00 as the Kindle price.

15 Sites that offer Free Books Online

Check out this comprehensive list of resources and start reading for free!

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