18 Strategies to Help Stop Overthinking

While  being prepared is good, overthinking can lead to anxiety & even paralysis. It also leads us to focus on the negative. Here are ways to avoid this altogether.

Everyone overthinks for different reasons, including: -Boredom -Anxiety -Stress -Societal pressure -How you were raised Here's how to manage this:

Catch yourself when it happens and take a step back. Observe why you're going down this path & whether overthinking is even going to help you..

1 - Acknowledge what you're doing

What is it that makes you over think? or causes you anxiety. If you know where it's coming from, it's easier to tackle.

2 - Identify your triggers

If you're overthinking you're probably worried. What are you worried about? Which is the worst outcome that you fear? I bet once you ID it, you'll worry less.

3 - Brainstorm outcomes

4 - Work on focusing on the present

Overthinking generally means we are worried about the past or future. Take a step back and see where you are now and focus there.

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