16 Exotic Tropical Islands That Will Blow Your Mind

There are plenty of tropical islands and areas to choose from for your vacations. But these 16 options are truly unique!

Gear up this holiday season, pack your bags and get ready to escape the cold. These tropical islands are waiting for you!

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Get ready to relax on the beach or rode the Hon Thom Cable Car – the world’s longest cable car over the ocean – there is plenty to do in Vietnam’s premier beach destination.

Just an hour southwest of Cartagena, Colombia, this small archipelago includes some of the most underrated Caribbean islands and is considered one of the best Caribbean destinations for backpackers!

Rosario Islands, Colombia

If you visit Vietnam, definitely make time for Cambodia as well! You'll get good food, affordable stays, beautiful beaches and parties!

Koh Rong, Cambodia

Of course there are the beaches, & if you like scuba diving or snorkeling among shipwrecks, head to Coron, just a few hours north of Palawan and easily accessible by ferry from El Nido.

Palawan, Philippines

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