16 Creative Ways to Make a Lot of Money

Diversifying your income streams is all the rage. But it can be difficult to figure out where to start, or which unique options are out there that aren't already being done.  Here are 16 creative ways to make money where competition may not be as fierce!

House Sitting

This is something you never have to leave the house for! Kind of. When people go on extended vacations, they like having their things looked after. You can get paid to live and sleep, AND work on other side hustles!

Sell Things Online

If you have a hobby like photography, you can sell photos online. If you are creative and organized, consider selling printables. Click to see more on how!

Flea Market Flipping

If you're handy with tools and paint and have the time & creativity, this can be a very lucrative weekend income stream!

Social Media and Blogging

You can start an actual blog, or have a social media blog.  These take time to build up, but if done right can be fruitful!

Rent Out Your Stuff

Own property? Or a car? or an RV? You can rent out your space, your RV or your cars! Use what you've got to help you earn a little extra!

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