15 Residual Income Ideas: Earn While You Sleep

Residual income is another way of saying "passive income". You put up some money or time upfront to set up your revenues and then sit back and watch it roll in!

There are several ways you can do this for yourself. Read on to see how!

How can you earn residual income?


In real estate, in REITs, the stock market, or in a business (silent investor!).  After the initial investment and some set up, you can earn income in your sleep!

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Create a Product

This is more work up front, but can pay off big time. Some ideas? Create an online course Write a book Create an App

Start an online business

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Drop shipping, Amazon FBA, a Blog, an Etsy shop...the list of possibilities goes on!

Music & Videos

If you're super creative and have an ear for it, create your own music beats! People will pay a premium for good stuff. YouTube is another great avenue!

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