14 Terrible Financial Ideas. Avoid These!

Managing money can be difficult. Much of our success also depends on making good financial choices. The experts say to avoid these!

Not only are they impractical and expensive, the upkeep can be costly, and cars quickly depreciate!

Buying a Sports Car

Don't Let Your Money Sit Idle!

Invest! In multiple different areas. Diversify so that you aren't reliant on just one source.

You can upgrade your life, but be intentional about how you do so. Don't copy others. Instead, upgrade areas that really help you save time and enhance your life.

Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

One-time use items can become expensive over time. Instead, invest in reusables. They are better for the environment, and for your pocket!

Avoid Buying One-Time Use Items

Take all the paid time off you can. It's free money for time spent with family & friends. Which is priceless.

Don't Forgo Paid Time Off

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