14 French Food  Delicacies You Must Try

French food is world renowned. They create amazing meals and consume delicacies for refined taste buds. Here are some French foods to try if you visit, or at a restaurant!

1 - Fondue

If you've never dipped finger food into delicious pots of cheese, or chocolate, or whatever else the French can think of - you're missing out.

2 - Quiche Lorraine

This egg based tart is a solid option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It's also very typically French.

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3 - Poulet Basquaise

This dish is with chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. If you see it on the menu, definitely give it a shot.

4 - Chocolate Mousse

White Bag

This dessert option is always a winner and the perfect way to end any meal.

5 - Macarons

Not easy to make, but definitely easy to eat. Go to your local bakery and try some. They're amazing.

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