12 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint 

Despite efforts to make recycling a habit of every individual, only 9% of plastic produced is being recycled. The remaining plastic pollutes the environment or stays in landfills and dumps.  

For Individuals

Invest In Reusables

- Water Bottles - Wooden Utensils (or metal)   - Coffee Containers  - Coffee Containers

Changes At Home

Biodegradable Packaging  These non-plastic packages break down faster and still make it easy for you to use your desired products.

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For Businesses

Check With Your Suppliers

Work with your suppliers in sourcing more sustainable solutions in terms of packaging and raw materials.

Update Your Company Culture

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I would also suggest discussing with the people you work with what their ideas are for sustainability.

Start A Recycling Program

Create an audit of your plastic waste. This way, you will really have a clear picture of how much and what types of plastic you use.

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