12 Ways to Overcome Travel Anxiety

Traveling can get stressful and make you anxious - a lot can happen during any trip! Even now after Covid, getting out can be hard. Here's how to overcome that travel anxiety and get out there!

Anxiety means you worry about the future - about what could happen.  Travel anxiety is anxiety about what could (or could not) happen during a trip.

What is Travel Anxiety Exactly?

Things you can do to overcome travel anxiety before you go:

Meditation Journaling Seek counseling Practice Positivity

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Things you can do while you're traveling to deal with travel anxiety

Take supplements to help you relax Listen to calming music Distract yourself with activities

Focus on Things You Can Control

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No matter what anxiety usually arises when we feel out of control. So find things you can control:  Planning, itinerary, activities etc.

Speak to a Professional

If your anxiety is strong enough to prevent you from what you want to do, then speak to a professional. Either you doctor or a therapist and learn about other things you can do.

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