12 Ways to Challenge Your Comfort Zone & Grow

Here let’s explore what that means and ways you can do so (these are all suggestions, as everyone has varying comfort zone levels). 

What Is Our Comfort Zone?

Our comfort zone is everything within our personal boundaries. It is the bubble that surrounds us that we are 100% comfortable in.

Start With  Small Steps

1- Go Out To Eat  By Yourself

I promise you, no one is judging you. No one is even paying attention.

Terrain Map

2-Have A Drink At The Bar Solo

No one is paying attention. Plus, you have the added benefit of striking up a conversation with the bartender.

White Bag

3 – At The Next Work Meeting, Make An Effort To Speak Up When You Have A Question Or Something To Say

4 – Volunteer To Give A Speech/Lecture

This goes hand in hand with number 3, but is a different scenario.

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