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12 Ways to Become More Disciplined

1 - Set small, realistic goals It's easier to accomplish small goals within reach first. Over time you'll realize how much you've done overall!

2 - Accomplish one thing at a time Step by step wells are filled!

3 - Change your environment Create a spot that helps you focus and works to increase efficiency and reduce wasted time!

4 - Make a plan to stay on track Dont' forget to write it down! Seeing it all in front of you can help you stay organized as well.

5 - Hold yourself accountable Set a standard for yourself and stick to it

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6 - Have a clear vision If you know where you want to end up, it becomes easier to take steps in that direction and stay consistent with it.

7 - Never rely on willpower or motivation In other words, you have to keep at it everyday no matter how you're feeling.

8 - Ignore the noise Haters gonna hate, and let them.

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9 - Remember your why This is especially important when you aren't motivated and can't figure out how to go on. Go back to the beginning and remember why you started.

10 - Enjoy what you do Enjoy the ride, because that's where all the fun and learning exist.

11 - Celebrate your wins Even the super small ones. They count.

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12 - Identify your obstacles You can't overcome anything you don't recognize exists.

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