Travel Tips For Any Budget: 12 Ways to Save

Here are some of the best travel tips for how you can get up and go anywhere, no matter what your budget.

1 - Determine your budget Knowing how much you CAN spend allows you to choose a destination accordingly

2 - Timing is everything

One of the best travel tips to consider is to travel in the off season. You can save a ton and/or spend more time there!

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3 - Plan Ahead Booking everything early is a great way to save! Use the extra time to find travel deals and discounts.

4 - Use points and promotions Redeem points and look for sales at your preferred destinations.  Check your credit cards and airlines for unused miles!

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5 - Pack lightly Doing so helps to avoid baggage fees and trunk fees from taxis! Plus you don't have to drag so much stuff around with you.

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