12 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast

If you want to sell your home faster and for the highest possible price, you may find that it helps to thoughtfully stage it with potential buyers in mind.

What Is  Home Staging?

It’s all about making your home as appealing as possible to attract buyers, minimize the amount of time it takes to sell

How Home Staging Can Affect Time And Price

Research Shows Benefits  For Seller - A review of 13,000 staged homes found that 85% of those homes sold for 5% to 23% over list price

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You Have Competition

Staging could be a worthwhile strategy for making your home stand out. It also gives people a sense of how to make the house a home.

Expectations  Can Be High

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Staging respondents said buyers were disappointed by how homes they looked at compared with homes they saw on TV.

Should You Hire A Professional Stager?

An experienced home stager will likely have more insight into what buyers in your area are looking for and what the current home trends are.

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